The Argos D Wants NOISE!!! But, Just The D

Hey Argos Empire!
I wanted to share an email I sent the Toronto Argos last month.  Y’see, as an Argos season ticket holder and fan of the game, there’s something that happens at Argos games that bothers me.  There are several ‘Noise Meter’ prompts on the jumbotron that’ll encourage more noise, one generic one and one for Booster Juice (btw, LOVE Booster Juice! Please come to Peterborough!).  There’s also giveaways in the stands for as well as Argos merchandise.  Neither of these things bother me.  I love free stuff.  I love crowd noise.
My problem, is the timing.
For those that haven’t had the (mis)fortune of talking football with me in person, I played in high school (‘played’ implies more impact than I actually made.  3 years, 1 tackle.  I was awful!), and there’s a reason why the home crowd is loud when the home defense is on the field and quiet when it’s the home offense.  A quarterback will call a pre-snap cadence, a signal to the entire offense for when to move.  A very loud crowd will interfere with that cadence as well as any audible play the quarterback may call.  The result of this interference can mean a missed play assignment, a false start, a time count violation, or calling a time out.  All of these benefit the home team.
And now, my problem.
More often than not, these jumbotron prompts and giveaways happen during TV commercial breaks to keep the crowd involved, but it always seems to happen when the Argos have the ball.  TV comes back from the break to a boisterous home crowd having an adverse effect on the home team.  Not much of a home field advantage, eh?
But, I think I have the solution.  Here’s what I sent the Argos in early July.
Good morning,

I’m sure you receive emails like this constantly, but I was inquiring about the Argos in-game promotions team.  Specifically, crowd interaction.

I’m a season ticket holder from Section 122 for the last eight years, a huge fan of the Double Blue, and I’m a big fan of all the effort your team makes to make every game a total fan experience.  There’s an idea that’s been rolling around in my head for some time.  The crowd always rises to its collective feet and makes a tonne of noise for all the ‘noise meter’ posts on the jumbotron, as well as when the cheerleaders are in the crowd with giveaways.  I was thinking if those promotions and/or screen prompts were coordinated with the on field activity, it could be a potent combination. 

When the Argos D needs the crowd to make noise to throw off the opposing team’s cadence, that would be a perfect time for a shirt giveaway.  Or, what about something more interactive?  Suppose for every opposing team’s false start or time count violation (usually caused by a boisterous crowd), ticket holders get $1 off at Pizza Pizza, or an entree at Shoeless Joe’s post game party?  I’m not sure what sponsors would be interested in that type of promotion, but I know a lot of baseball teams will offer rebates if the team reaches so many strikeouts, or what have you.

I was just thinking something where the home crowd would benefit as a whole, and the home team benefits from the crowd response, would be a win/win.

Thanks again for making every game a total fan experience,


So, whaddya think, Argos Empire?

Leave your suggestions below.

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