Touchdown Manitoba was on The Simpsons – Sorta

A pair of us were at Grey Cup party Touchdown Manitoba this past Friday. A tradition of Touchdown Manitoba, we’re told, is a bit of a cheap sandwich ‘buffet’. Crummy white bread with meats, cheeses (or possibly one meat and one cheese — I didn’t investigate fully) and mustard and such (what a deal! – “free” with your $25 admission).

Jube took a chance on the sandwich, as shown below.

In a discussion about the sandwich, Jube mentioned a Simpsons episode where Moe hosts a Super Bowl party, which included a very similar sandwich spread.

To this I responded, “aren’t there connections between Manitoba and the writers of The Simpsons?”

There are a few Manitoba references in The Simpsons, including the one below.

There are various writers who are Canadian including at least one born in Manitoba.

Also, the Homer Simpson character is named after (or some say “loosely based on”) Matt Groening’s father — who was born in Canada.

So, could it be that this “Super Sunday Brunch Spectacular” was derived, somewhat at least, from the Touchdown Manitoba tradition? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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