Watch CFL Games on Demand: How to

You missed a CFL game and want to watch it on demand? TSN lets you play games on their website after the fact, but you’ll need to prove that you have a TV subscription (i.e. log in with your TV provider credentials).

So, what are you left with? There are a couple of good YouTube channels that can bail you out: CFL Time and CFL 2016. I’m not sure how long it takes to get games uploaded after the game date, but between the two of them you’re likely to find your game. Enjoy the broadcast!

One thought on “Watch CFL Games on Demand: How to

  1. Karl Lyman

    Oh my! My sympathy goes out to every single fan that is forced to listen to that horrible noise during every single game they paid serious money to attend!!!
    Imagine ‘Freddie’ showing up in your living room just as you settle in to watch your favourite team play your favourite game… ya… I’m SURE it sells tickets! NOT!


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