Watch the Grey Cup Online

Ahhh, the problem with TSN being the host broadcaster is that a lot of people (cord cutters!) cannot watch the Grey Cup on TV (could you guys at least simulcast it on CTV? – nope; offer a paid TSN feed for Canadians? – nope). So, how do those without TSN watch the Grey Cup?

A logical place to look is online. Thing is, the ‘official’ online live stream is only available to those who live outside Canada, the US, the UK, and a bunch of other countries. That doesn’t help most of us. If you were thinking a proxy setup to get around that they warn:

Note that geo detection is done at both the page and player level and may, at times, involve cross referencing of credit card address information. Purchases made through proxy servers to avoid geo restrictions and/or blackouts are strictly prohibited. If detected, services will be terminated and no refunds will be issued.

What does that leave us with? A bunch of sketchy free online streams that do normally work but the quality isn’t usually great, and it takes a bit of effort (and a bit of ‘don’t download whatever software they ask you to’) to get started. You’ll face a barrage of ads, popunders, popovers and such. Once you get through that you should be good to go to watch the Grey cup.

Here’s the list that we know about. We provide links to Google searches for them as sometimes the URLs change – and it also allows for any Google warnings to be displayed. Again, don’t download or install anything from these sites – and be prepared for a barrage of ads and pops (unless you have a decent ad blocker installed). The links below will open in a new window.

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