Welcome To The Empire

Hey Argos fans!

I wanna talk to you about clichés.  Specifically, sports clichés.  Sports is full of ’em; Gotta give 100%, gotta play a full 60 minutes, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.  You’ve heard ’em all.

But, there’s one that I’d like to change, specifically for the Argos…

Have you noticed that every sports team fan base is now referred to as a nation?  Raiders Nation, Red Sox Nation, Leafs Nation.  It’s definitely a cliché, and as a cliché it loses it’s…Caché .  The Oxford Online Dictionary describes nation as, “A large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular state or territory.”  That definition could apply to a fan base, but it just feels too passive for my liking.

World Wrestling Entertainment has been using, “universe” to describe their fan base.  I really like the reach & scope of that, but trying to wrestle that one away would make it no better than, “nation.”  Also, we’re Argos fans; we don’t follow, we lead.

We’re talking football, folks.  It’s aggressive.  It’s attacking.  It’s about acquiring territory through force.  It’s invoking your will on your opponent.  It’s about heroes rising above the others to lead to victory.

It sounds less like a nation, and more like an Empire.

Remember The Oxford Online Dictionary from earlier?  It defines empire as,  “Supreme political power over several countries when exercised by a single authority.”  Now, if we extend the nation metaphor that the rest of the league is beating to death to mean a country, we now have our team exerting supreme power over several teams.  Dominating a league.  Rolling over all who oppose.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

To piggyback this thought, what empire would the Argos be looking to emulate?  The Roman Empire?

This would be the closest timeline to the original story of Jason and the Argonauts from which the team derives its name. Although I’m all for the Argos cheerleaders going to togas, this may be too old a reference to engage with fans.

The British Empire?

The British Navy dominated the world, which also brings to mind the nautical theme of the Argos.  The global reach of the island nation resulted in the Commonwealth we’ve grown up with.  Also the Oxford and Cambridge schools that are the basis for the team’s Double Blue colour scheme are based in England.  As dominant as they were, this empire doesn’t provide the visual spark to ignite & motivate fans.

The Ottoman Empire?

…I may have looked up the wrong one.

My vote?  The Galactic Empire!

Come to think of it, that logo looks familiar…


I think the Argos marketing team could really run with this.  You’re not part of a nation, you’re fighting for the empire!  C’mon down to the stadium, and repel the rebel hordes storming our gate!  Let them feel the might of the Argos Empire!  For that matter, can you tell me that “Star Wars:  The Clone Wars” star Captain Rex was not the inspiration for the Argos Signature look?












And how cool would it be to bring the team out to this each home game?  Chills, man.  Chills.

But I know what you’re thinking.  “But Jube,” you say.  “Empires always fall.  Why would you want to be a part of something that falls?”  Hey relax, guy!  Sure, empires crumble, but after years, generations, centuries!  The Roman Empire lasted five hundred years, the British Empire lasted five hundred years, and the Galactic Empire…Well, it was about twenty four years.  But you get the point.  The Argos are 141 years old (the oldest pro sports franchise in North America), with more Grey Cup championships (16) than any other CFL team.  Sounds like an empire to me.

“But Jube,” you reiterate, “The Imperial Stormtroopers couldn’t hit water if they fell out of a boat.  Why would you wanna be associated with that?”  I wholeheartedly agree!  But let’s do some Star Wars math.  If we go with the formula that empires last five hundred years then the Argos are barely a quarter of the way thru their reign.  Applying that to the twenty four year reign of the Galactic Empire, we’re still in the era between the original and prequel trilogies of highly trained clone troopers that defended the Republic & laid the groundwork for the Empire to rise.  So we’re still in the empire building, “sweet spot.”

There it is.  Walking away from a passive cliché, installing a moniker more suited to the aggressiveness of football, emulating pop culture’s most famous empire, and inspiring the fans.

So I invite all the loyal Argos fans and join me.  Join me in shedding the passive clichéd, “nation” suffix.  Join me in getting loud.  Join me in standing proud.

Join me.

And join the Argos Empire.

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