“What happened last night?”

A common refrain the morning after an evening of enjoying beverages of a sociable nature.  The lights are a little too bright, the noises a little too loud, everything hurts.

But, I’m referring to last night’s Toronto Argos game against the Roughriders.

The game itself was frustrating as an Argos fan.  Kory Sheets ran for 170+ on the ground (looked deadly every time he touched the ball), Darian Durant connected on two long TD pass-and-catch plays with Taj Smith (the second one was a perfect touch pass caught at full stride), and the Rider D (featuring the returning Grey Cup Outstanding Canadian Ricky Foley) stumped the Double Blue O for most of the night. What has me confused about last night was the crowd.

Where was everybody?

Sure, Thursday night games suck (almost as much as Tuesday night games, but that’s another post for another time), but the Argos put on a heckofa show in their previous home game against the homeless Ti-Cats, and it was the Roughriders.  The Saskatchewan Roughriders.  Their fans will go ANYWHERE  for their team.  I mean, if the Riders were playing on an oil rig in the Gulf tomorrow, there’d be several thousand in watermelon helmets, paddling out in makeshift rafts to be there for kickoff.  But last night’s game was the lowest attended Argos regular season home game I could find (The Argos website http://www.argonauts.ca/schedule/year/2013/7 only goes back to ’05). Sure, the 50/50 was $7,000, and there was a plethora of green in the stands. But instead of flooding the dome as they usually do, Riderville was situated in 2-3 sections behind the Riders bench.

The weather was gorgeous, the dome was open, the Jays were outta town…And yet, the building felt empty, atmosphere-deprived, and quiet.  I was looking forward to last night’s game (as I do every Argos game), but in particular the enthusiasm brought by the opposing team.  Unlike Ti-Cat fans, who spend more time hating the Argos than loving their team, Riderville always brings a passion for their own squad that has no room for hating the other sideline.

So I’m left to ask the question:

“What happened last night?”

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